Fishnet Zipset

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I just did a photoset in some fishnets where you can check out at OnHerCam. I will be doing more sets soon so check out my profile so you can check me out live on cam. This set is hot and definitely love showing off my curvy body so i put a preview of what i have in this zipset so check it out.

Online Now

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I am online now camming for alittle on CamWithHer & Niteflirt. This is what i am wearing now so let’s play!

White Slash Dress Preview

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I been keeping busy making photosets for my website as it is still in the making but what i wanted to show you guys a preview of one of my hot looks i did for my set. I do have the full set available for you guys on my CamWithHer Fan Club & PlayPen. This slash dress is definitely revealing so i couldn’t go anywhere with it on but i will definitely be doing cam shows in it on at OnHerCam & CamWithHer. I hope you like this hot outfit because i had fun taking it off.

Want more of me?

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I know everyone is expecting my website to be up and running already but as you know the situation on what happend but don’t worry i am still doing my research to get this design & site running.

As of now you guys can check  me out on the links below. I do have photos for sale on Niteflirt & PlayPen so you guys can get a preview of what’s going to be on my website. I have some photos up as fetishes but soon going to be putting up some sexy lingerie and candids be sure to check these links out time to time.

Here is a photo of the day 😉

My Fav. Music Artist

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I just wanted to do a topic of what type of music i listen to and who i like so here it is below. These are the artist that i listen to on a regular basis and each one has good talent well in my opinion lol.

Music List
Christina Aguilera
Lady Gaga
Electrik Red
Avril Lavigne
Jennifer Lopez
Nicki Minaj
Victoria Beckham
Danity Kane

Battle Of L.A. Review

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Thank goodness it’s Friday. I am ready to party all this weekend with my girls woohoo. I went to the movies today to go see “Battle of l.a.” and i must say it was pretty good for a war movie.  I give it a 3 star out of 5 because i am not into war movies but this one was was pretty good. My brother made go to this movie which i didn’t want to see but i wasn’t doing anything so what the hec. I am not going to spoil the movie but i will say it is a must see. Also the aliens aren’t really aliens they are more like machine attacking that’s all i am gonna say so go watch it and let me know what you guys thought of the movie. Have a good weekend everyone.

Get to know more of me

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The Basics
Birth Place:East Coast
Current Country:USA
Occupation:MakeUp Artist
Puerto Rican
Hair Color:Sometimes blonde sometimes brown hehe Wink
Eye Color:Green

My Best Physical Feature:Bootayy
My Worst Physical Feature:Let’s think positive lol

Righty or Lefty:Lefty
My Fears:Not Breathing
Your Most Overused Phrase:
My Bedtime:Ansonia  3am late sleeper  idiot2
Bad Habits:Say the Bitch word to much
What Do You Drive?:Nissan Maxima

Tell us 2 things most people DON’T know about you:
1)I have a shoe fetish I love Christian louboutins!
2)I’m a shopoholic

Tell us 3 things you DON’T like:
1)Broke men
2)Bad Breathe
3)Stuck up brats

Tell us something naughty:
I love anal Wink

Soft Drink:Sierra Mist
Coffee Drink:Don’t like coffee love the smell of it yumm
Shoe Brand:Christian Louboutin
Clothing Brand:BeBe
Sports Team:Celtics whoot whoot
Scent:BabyPhat Goddess
Food:Pizza of course
Music:R&b, Slow Jams

Do I…
Cuss:Yes i need to stopp lol F***
Type w/ Your Fingers on the Right Keys:Yes
Play an Instrument:No but i would love to play the drums
Cry Over Movies:Sometimes

Hope to Marry:(sighs) aww one day
Want Kids (or more than you have now):No kids now in the future yes
Dream Career:Be a video vixen!
Place You’d Love to Visit:Bahamas

This is alittle bio of me and hopefully this helped getting to know more about me hehe. Here is a photo of me modeling i will be posting new photos next week stay tuned.

Site is still in the making!

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So i thought my website was suppose to launch the end of this month but i guess who i thought i trusted on doing my website didn’t go so well so now i am back to square one. Don’t worry you guys i am working harder for this site to launch and be done no matter what it takes. I learned my lesson not to go to someone cheap or ghetto because that’s what messes everything up and look at where i am now with no site. I know it was my fault lesson learned but this is my new blog yay! I will be posting allot on here while i try to figure out what i am going to do with my site. Keep checking time to time on my blog to see hot photos, videos, gossip, and more on what’s going to be on my hot website. This is just the beginning of hot sexy me time to get wild hope you can keep up kisses lol.

Love Janelle