Janelle in her corset

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So here is a preview of my new photoset i did in Nyc. I enjoyed showing off my curvylicious body in a tight corset, and in just fishnets. You can view my whole photoset only at CWH FanClub, OnHerCam, and NiteFlirt.

 I will be doing more photosets soon until i get my new computer in the mail which i cannot wait. I haven’t been in the process of doing my website which i know a ton of you been dying to see that happen. It hasn’t been easy for me to trust someone to pay them and get my site done because of what happend to me the 1st time 🙁 For now you can view some of my stuff exclusively at these sites only and NO WHERE ELSE.  The links below is where you can see more of me either LIVE ON CAM or PHOTOS FOR SALE! Well i hope you like what i am doing and offering. Don’t worry a site of mine will launch just right now i cannot do it but don’t worry i will be showing allot on my blog so you can look at enjoy kisses.


My b-day week

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I hope everyone has a good Easter and also a good weekend. My 24th birthday April 21 was fun had a good time spending with my friend Gizelle in NYC. Although we didn’t take enough photos but we sure did spend allot of time in our b-day suits. I did get allot of gifts from my Amazon Wishlist so i thank everyone who gotten me a gift it was the thought that counts. I will be doing some camming so be sure to catch me live OHC. Also over the week staying over Gizelle’s house i did a hot photoset in sexy blue fishnets and corset so be sure to check that out when it launches next week. Well my b-day weekend isn’t over yet it’s just getting started. I’m off to party with my girls but check out sexy Gizelle and i spending my b-day nakie hehe.

1 week till my Birthday!

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My B-day is coming up April 21 and i still don’t know what i am going to be doing for my 24th bday but we will see my girlfriends & family have for me. I am getting older and time is flying fast i remember when i was 21 partying hard now i just feel lazy and feel like everything the same hehe. I do have a list of gifts/things i want on my Amazon Wishlist if you would like to check out. I am not expecting anything but if you want to get me a b-day gift or early surprise then i wouldn’t mind lol it would bring a smile to my face haha.  I hope everyone has been having a good week, Well mine has been. I will be camming on OHC & CWH so you know where to find me kisses.

ALSO!! On my Amazon Wishlist whoever gets me the Logitech webcam or Thigh high boots gets a FREE CAM SHOW or FREE PHOTOSET just let me know who you are so you can get your reward 😉