Heels, Nails & Feet

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Due to many slaves/foot worshippers wanting to see my nails and feet on CAM, I decided to make a zipset for you guys to worship over. Now this zipset is only for you slaves who adore heels, feet, and nails, But this can be for you lovers who just keep all my photos to cum to as a Janelle Collection lol. Here is a preview of my footsies from my zipset to be sure to check out more zipsets avail. at OnHerCam.

ALSO SPECIAL THANKS TO BOMBIK! Thanks for getting me this music cd off myAmazon WishList. I haven’t listened to all the songs but Marsha Ambrosius has talent and i love her unique soulful music. Here is a photo of me holding the gift you got me and as usual look at my boobies hehe.

Stripper Blue Dress

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I hope everyone is having a good week. This past weekend i took some photos for you guys to check out on PlayPen, OHC, and CWH FanClub. I got this sexy stripper dress that i want to show off to you guys and get naughty. In this photoset i show off my  sexy cuvy latina body and get naked. Here is a preview of what’s in my photoset be sure to check out these hot photos!

Lips & Boobs

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This week has been sucky because of all the day & night rain here in the east coast. It’s 1am just feel like teasing you guys in what i am wearing right now. I will be doing some camming for another hour or so catch me if you can at CWH/OHC. This weekend i am going to be staying home the clubs here in my area kinda got boring seeing the same faces and just the same bullshit that goes on for me every weekend so i am going to give that alittle break. You know where to find me guys i will be in my tank & panties waiting for you let’s have some fun hehe.

Q and A

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These are some of the questions you had asked me so i am going to answer them and share them with you. Though there was allot i could only do some for now hehe.

Q. Are you a pornstar?
A. NO! I am a webcam model NOT a pornstar. I enjoy modeling and showing off my body naked in a erotic/artistic way. I do not do hardcore or spread eagle though i might in the future but i just enjoy what i am doing now.

Q. Why do you do webcam/Do you enjoy it?
I enjoy that i could be my own boss and work at home whenever i want to. I been doing this for some time now and i enjoy being front of the cam dancing showing my tits and having fun. I get to do whatever i want when camming. It’s pretty good to know that a paycheck will be coming in the mail for just for being a cyber online stripper. YES! I enjoy every bit of it.

Q. If you weren’t a camgirl what would you be doing?
I always had a backup if i never was a successful cam model. I went to school for bartending/makeup artist and graduated both of them. I did do some bartending over some weekends and really did enjoy it but the reason i stopped was because i was so into my cam modeling because it was so easy to do that i kinda got over making drinks. But if there wasn’t no cam or i needed a break then i got something to do over the weekend bartending or doing people makeup.

Q. Are your eyes really green or contacts?
My eyes are naturally green no contacts.

Q. What’s your favorite position?
My 2 fav. would be reverse cowgirl & standing up against the wall.

Q. What makes you smile?
A. I am a happy person so i try to stay as positive as i can. I am full of life/energy i am always giggly and smiling when i am around the things i love. I am smiling now just looking at this question like gaga says: SHOW ME YOUR TEETH! LMAO

Q.Do you know how to cook?
No i don’t know how my mom never taught me so i guess that means you need to take me out or you make me something yummy to eat hehe.

Q. Are you single? Are you looking for a serious relationship?
Yes i am single. I do want a serious relationship in the future but right now i am having fun worrying about myself what i need in life. Though i do get lonely and need someone to cuddle with at night hmm maybe i will find my dream man one day.

Q. What are you wearing right now?
I am wearing the new victoria secret bombshell miraculous push- up bra pink lace with matching pink lacey panties. My hair pinned up with my luscious pink lipstick on giving  housewife waiting you to come out of work lol.

Q. What do i need to do to become a cam girl like you?
A. I get this allot from girls asking me what do they need to do to be a camgirl so here it is. It’s simple just need to be 18+, have a printer/scanner to fill out some documents/contracts, and have a good webcam to cam on. I work on couple cam sites which are the best and really good to me. ALL INFO is in the links below on how to become a model. Just let them know Janelle recommended you good luck.
Become a Camwithher Model
Become a Onhercam Model
Become a Vipglamcam Model

New week

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The weekend is over and i had a good time enjoying it. It’s a new week so i decided to take some photos for you guys. I have no panties on with this tube dress just to be a tease hehe. I will be doing some phone fun at Niteflirt & Camming on CWH/OHC so come have some fun me with me. I will be posting more questions/answers about me so you can get to know alittle more about me. I just don’t want to be known as the “camgirl” or “the model” i want you guys to love me as if i was your real friend/mistress/lover whatever instead of being some cyber chick. I hope you guys have a good week kisses.

Song of the day

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So the sexy Nicole from Pussycat Dolls just released her new single/video May 3rd which i am excited to see because i been having her song playing on repeat all day. She is so sexy in this video and love her unique outfits and good to see she featured   50 cent on the track. I am just really feeling this song and i thought i share it with you guys kisses.

Nicole Scherzinger – Right There ft. 50 Cent