Song Of The Day

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This gets you going when you hear this. I really love this song and have it on repeat hehe. Have a good weekend everyone and party to this song that i requested for ya! I’m off to go clubbing and shake my ass the weekend is here wootwoot.

Beach Time

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Since it has been hot this week i guess i am going to get a nice tan & get drunk with some friends. I haven’t been to the beach since last year i know it has been a damn long time for me. I am finally going to get some sun and relax. Check out my bathing suit and my ashy elbows lmao.

Thank you FootSlave!

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Sorry I haven’t been around over the last week just had leg surgery from infection called Cellulitus so i couldn’t walk and the pain so bad ewwwwie. Enough about that I am fine and finally getting better woohoo! During my rest and in extreme pain in bed I been receiving so much gifts from my slave off my wishlist. Thank you so much for these gifts and the more that I am getting this week now that’s a TRUE SLAVE FUCK YEAH!! I love being spoiled and will be having new photos in these hot stuff I received so be on the lookout for that. Tonight is ep. 3 of TrueBlood I cannot wait to see what happens to Jason Stackhouse. Thank you thank you THANK YOU FOOT SLAVE for all these gifts I am going to put these stuff in use this week so stay tuned new photos oh YEAH!

Bored Sunday

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Hey everyone it’s been awhile since i posted on my blog. I hope everyone is having a good 4th of July weekend. I didn’t do  much over my weekend but just did some camming. I took some photos just now of me since i had nothing else better to do bored hehe. I haven’t been taking pics or doing my blog just been slacking/lazy what’s new? LMAO! Tonight is the second ep. of TrueBlood which i got to see early on HBO on the internet and it was so fucking good i cannot wait for ep. 3, TrueBlood has me hooked! Well i will be online for alittle be sure to stop by and say hi or give me something fun to do hehe kisses.