Chocolate Cock

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Thank you slave bitch for buying me this thick cocklicious cock. It was about time someone got me this brown dick off my wishlist. My slave got me this dick to suck on in a cam show because he knew this dick was way bigger than his and his dick could never be in my pretty mouth except this one mwahahah who has the power now bitch. I am happy to add this toy to my collection now i have all the color of cocks black, white, orange, glass, purple, blue, and the colors keep going lol. This is one thick cock i couldn’t fit inside me or in my mouth but it was fun teasing him with it in between my tits.

ScatBitch Painted Loser!

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This slave sent me $100 to my Niteflirt. Now this loser bitch did anything i told him to and boy did this loser enjoy it. He loves scat, paint, poppers, nylons, and the list goes on and on. I didn’t have to do much but laugh at his useless ways and say fuck you to how much of nasty bitch he was. It feels good to be paid and have all the power to do nothing and have this bitch look like a fool doing crazy stuff for me. This bitch got so dizzy sniffing those poppers and pouring all that paint on his face i had to take some snapshots of his foolish ass LOL. I know this bitch definitely will be coming back for more because he can’t resist the wrath of goddess janelle!

This is what i love and enjoy a easy cam show doing nothing get the hint loser/slaves get those tributes coming so i can dominate your ass.

I am now on MyPhoneSite!

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As my networking is expanding I am glad to say I am on a new phone sex site called MyPhoneSite. Now on MyPhoneSite not only you can chat with me but there is also a store available to where all my callers can purchase photos, videos, and also items from me. I am really liking myphonesite because people from all over can call me from USA and international unlike some phone sex sites where it’s only in there countries and not international. Now there isn’t a excuse not to call me outside of the USA or in USA. I am happy to be on here hopefully you guys call me to get off with me and worship me and who knows buy all the items that i have for sale to! So be sure to check out my page below or call the toll free number with my extension. OH! All NEW ACCOUNTS/CALLERS gets $6 FREE so you can’t beat that bitches so try me out!

Toll Free Number
(877)-814-6794 EXT: 103329

MyFreeSite Page


Janelle Loves Pmates!

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I been doing allot of featuring on allot of sites for who those that are blogging, featuring me i thank you very much ^.^. Pmates has allot of hot chicks and they wanted to feature me on there so i decided to do some hot fan signs for their site showing off my best latina assets. Here are my hot photos for you Pmates enjoy.