Happy Holidays!

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I just wanted to wish everyone a good happy holiday and hope everyone gets to spend time with there close ones & friends. Thanks to all my good friends who spoiled me for xmas and got me gifts i really do appreciate it and can’t wait to get them. Time goes by so fast after Christmas next is my Vegas vacation trip with my bestie Dakota. So excited and anxsious for that since it’s only couple days till i leave. I will be having new content in my members area so be sure to JOIN NOW to see the hot photosets i am going to take during my Vegas trip. Well i am off to the mall to finish getting my little brother his gifts for xmas i know i’m late but hopefully there will be something good in the store for him lol. Happy Holidays once again and remember always lovejanelle.  -_^

Being Silly

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Acting silly late night on cam LOL

iLoveJanelle Gives BACK!

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I would like to thank all my friends who spoiled me, Gave me what i want, and made me very happy and now i would like to give back for those who are in need. Today i donated $100 to the RedCross and it feels really good to give back. My next tribute is to give some children in the homeless shelter around my area toys or small donations for the holidays. I never donated before and it feels pretty good that i did. I may be a spoiled brat and get what i want but sometimes it’s good to give to someone who doesn’t get the things i get. I love to be spoiled more this month so i can give it all up for the homeless (wink to the sugar daddies). I hope everyone is having a good week and i wanted to share my moment with you guys such in a happy mood giving a donation which wasn’t big but it was the thought that counts and my heart is filled with joy and i thank you hehe.

Join ilovejanelle.com NOW!

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Really excited about my personal website launching yesterday. Bare with me as i am adding all the content into the member’s area and getting the hang of this hehe. Now there no excuse on joining my site because there different options on joining you can be international to join, i am accepting all credit card payments, and also accepting telephone billing for as little as $20 a month sounding like a commercial ad hahah. Anyway i am really excited to have my site up and running content will be updated every 2 weeks so be sure to check out the previews on my blog. Here are some photoset covers of my content posted in the member’s area. Just one hot latina you can’t resist so JOIN NOW to see all my hot content i am providing.

29 Days Left for my Vegas Trip!

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For those of you who know i planned a surprise Vegas trip for my best friend Dakota. While making it a birthday surprise for her i decided sure why not let’s make it a 1 week vacation for us as well. I am so excited for this trip so i cannot wait to party hard out there woohoo! I will keep you posted with videos/photos on my adventures in Vegas. We will be on cam live so be sure to check us out during Dec. 29 – Jan.4. There will also be some hot domme photos & videos in the members area so be sure to JOIN NOW to see these hot photos once they are released during our vacation trip. Here is a photo of us from last year in miami showing our asses to a slave in a cam show he sure did worship it hehe. Can you handle on what’s to come with Ebony & Latina?? I don’t think so LOL.

ALSO TO MY SLAVES/SUGARDADDIES!! Don’t forget it’s holiday month so get your damn spending to it. I need my good little janelle lovers to get me some x-mas gifts and vegas outfits off my amazon wishlist. Don’t worry baby you have enough time to do that just make sure it’s done by Dec. 20. I better be seeing some good surprises under my christmas tree. Get in that spirit, work overtime, think about me, and SPOIL ME TONS BITCH!