iLoveJanelle Gives BACK!

Posted by | Posted in News & Updates | Posted on 07-12-2011

I would like to thank all my friends who spoiled me, Gave me what i want, and made me very happy and now i would like to give back for those who are in need. Today i donated $100 to the RedCross and it feels really good to give back. My next tribute is to give some children in the homeless shelter around my area toys or small donations for the holidays. I never donated before and it feels pretty good that i did. I may be a spoiled brat and get what i want but sometimes it’s good to give to someone who doesn’t get the things i get. I love to be spoiled more this month so i can give it all up for the homeless (wink to the sugar daddies). I hope everyone is having a good week and i wanted to share my moment with you guys such in a happy mood giving a donation which wasn’t big but it was the thought that counts and my heart is filled with joy and i thank you hehe.

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