Towel Tease

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I haven’t done any free videos in awhile so i decided to post this teaser vid. before my relaxation in the tub.


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As my plans for my birthday was suppose to be a week vacation with friends & fam. they decided to have me ditch that for another time and go with their surprise they are giving me which is making me excited and happy about to have people you care do things like that and i thank you all dearly you know who are. I am going to be the big 25 gosh i been a camwhore for to long lmao when is there going to be  a “REAL WEALTHY MAN” to swipe me off my feet and take me out of business and live happily every after?? Hmmm only in my dreams hey never know he might do it one day reading this lol.

Enough about that I think mistress needs some birthday surprise gifts from my Amazon Wishlist. It’s the thought that counts so it doesn’t have to be something big as long as it’s on my list and you get it bitch it makes me smile hehe. If your to cheap to buy me a gift or scared your wife might seen you buy me a gift from your statement hahahah then you could always send me cash or  a tribute on my TRIBUTE PAGE. Can’t wait to see what you bitches get me gifts, cash, tributes and so much more remember anything makes me happy you know i’m happy mistress and i get what the fuck.

Time to vote vote VOTE FOR ME!

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I need everyone to vote for me daily for the next 2012 missfreeones. I know i probably won’t win this award contest but i sure do hope to make top 10 so i need everyone help to vote daily to get me to be the top 10 or #1 to I am really excited to be nominated for best camgirl, best newcomer, and best adult model. Check off every catagory i am on and let’s make this happen by voting for me here and get me to the top on MissFreeOnes at . Voting starts now so don’t waist no time and start getting me to the top daily. It’s free to vote, it’s free to make account, it’s free to see other hot models everything is just free at lol. I can’t wait and i thank you from the bottom of my heart if you do vote for me daily.

VOTE FOR ME DAILY HERE – is now LIVE! My Affiliate Program

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My affiliate program has launched! Now everyone can promote my site and make 50% comission on my hosted galleries & banners. All promotion content is html code based making it easier and simple. Click the banner below to start promoting or just go to the site

Still Loving

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My experience with them has been good and everything i say about them has been positive and the honest truth no lies no bullshit. I have gotten one item to do a review for them which was the fetish slut paddle which i use sometimes in my webcam shows. I do hope to get more items to do reviews on in the future and give my honest opinion weither it’s good or bad from my sexual pleasure experience hehe. I love doing toy reviews for their website. I know they will spoil me with some goodies i can orgasm to or just have some fun with my boy toys lol. I must say i do wish to try some new toys from them soon because my walls are aching for some excitement LOL.

I can can go on and on how good they are but they do the job just right for me in my opinion. I also like the fact there is a forum and review spot to see other people experiences about  a certain item you never tried before or a item you desire. It’s good to know what’s good or what’s bad before buying a product and i like to see recent reviews on items so i know what’s good to pleasure my sexual fantasies. Once again EdenFantasys has many items on the site to choose from so there is something for everyone. I’d say if you never gotten a sex toy before this place is definitely the spot to check out there so many goodies to choose from prices ranging from low to high depending on what works for you or something unique you want.

Be sure to check out their website time to time they be having hella deals and sale on toys not only for just ladies but also for men to. There a toy for everyone and on a good sale deal. So check there website out

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