Orange Babydoll & Nude Stockings

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Bored decided to take some photos from my webcam.


New Projects, Updates, and More.

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I know I been slacking on updating on my blog but I’ve been busy have to much fun partying and using all the men money shopping hehe. I love it feels good now its time for my good boys to help me out on a new project that i been wanting for months and now its the time to get this dream to come true.

I started a new goal/project that I want dearly and by the help of you guys I shall get it which is having my own webcam software. With the power of this I can start my own cam shows right in my member’s area of my website. I think this will be a good investment in it and well worth it in the long run fuck the photos & videos you can finally get off with me LIVE doing weekly cam shows hehe.

Once i get the hang of this i do plan on starting my own boutique little website and have featured mistress cam girls just like myself and run my own little mistress camgirl site. It will take allot of work so I don’t want to get into that now but to have my own webcam section on my site would be hot and we shall fucking get it.

I decided to make a ChipIn account for the help of me getting this webcam software which I cannot wait and soon hope to get. If you haven’t heard about ChipIn check out their website at All payments and donations to this is based off via PayPal so you don’t have to worry. I am not asking for allot well I am but if you can’t spend allot all im asking is between $5-$1000 to help me get this product and try out this software I’ve been wanting for months.

Start sending those donations now below and let’s get weekly live cam shows & my future boutique camsgirls on the GO!

ChipIn Link –

Money is my fetish

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Now below this quote was taken from Isabella because she couldn’t have explained it any better than this. I just want to put a few things in also that just some men don’t get it. So hopefully this post they can read and replace in their head over and fucking over till they get the point simple and easy as that.

– Why can’t you guys READ MY WEBSITE or MY BLOG  before adding me on skype or yahoo??!!??
– NO I won’t “MEET” you or be your “LOVE” this isn’t a dating site go to for that bullshit.
– Just because you look good and have a big dick doesn’t mean you get a “FREE cam show” bitch pay up like everyone else.
– I don’t want to be your girlfriend or get to know you. I’m also NOT A ESCORT!
– You claim to have all this money and you can’t even pay for a cam show but then want me to show my tits to help you cum on cam for free hmmm no thanks bitch i don’t play shit over here you can’t cum to me unless i  been paid mothafuka simple as that.

QUOTE ” I just want to clear this up to any of you guys reading this…

 Money is my Fetish. Money turns me on. Money makes me horny. NO EXCEPTIONS

 It’s the  ONLY “friend” that takes care of YOU , feeds YOU, puts a roof over your head and gets u what u want! Mr. Benjamin is MY TYPE of guy.

 I become extremely friendly in person when I see Money in my hands or in my accounts.

 That being said… I  DO NOT entertain FREE CONVO on the internet or on the phone.

 You want to talk to me… Call my PHONE SEX LINE thru NITE FLIRT or MYPHONESITE

 Don’t send me an INSTANT MESSAGE to ask me questions that I have CLEARLY answered on my website. My website is very self explanatory.

 I have zero patience when I feel that you are not following my rules. It puts me in bad mood.

 As I have stated… I’m extremely friendly in person and extremely friendly once I know you have PAID for my cam show.

 I dont think alot of you guys get how many phone calls, emails, instant messages that I get that are all BULLSHIT.


 U want friendly Janelle Love? Pay up!!!!

 Nothing is FREE in this WORLD