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Not only am I creating exclusive content for my website but I also opened up a studio for Clips4sale. All my Clips4sale videos are exclusive and isn’t featured on my website. I decided to do more of my fetishes and custom videos on my Clips4sale just to make it easier for you guys to purchase or look for a certain video just worship and get off by yours truly. I am working my best to use every part of my body so you can get off to and have many options for a certain fetish someone has. If you haven’t bought any of my fetish videos then shame on you go buy some of my videos and worship your goddess. I need good slaves to not only buy my videos on Clips4sale but also be a member to my site just because you love me and get to see many other videos and photos. I want you to say “I LOVE JANELLE” and do everything goddess tells you so don’t be cheap and get the joining and purchasing now bitch I want to go shopping already!

My Fetish videos – Clips4sale.com

Previews of some my videos you shall worship and spend your money to.

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