What I been up to this August

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I haven’t been posting anything lately because I’ve been to busy enjoying life and spoiling myself. If you haven’t been following me on TWITTER than shame on you. I just been bragging away what I been buying and showing off the gifts I been getting from slaves. This month has been a good start and I’m being greedy I WANT MORE! I been doing more camming on LIVEGODDESS.COM¬†to be worshipped so catch me if you can ūüėČ

I was kinda¬†skeptical¬†about the Tempur-Pedic Mattress¬† if it was really worth the $1500 but I said fuck it I will spoil myself this time around and try this bed out since the one I had was from 2009 and the springs started coming out eww. I slept 2 days already in it and I love it I’m glad I purchased it. But I will wait till 4 months and see if it’s holding up and give a full review on this mattress. This was something I needed and a goal I wanted so fuck it might as well spoil myself time to time if I don’t have a slave doing it lol.

I will be adding a new photoset in a sailor costume in my member’s area this week so be on the look out for that bitches.

I still have 4 goals I want to accomplish by¬†September well now 3 since I got the mattress I wanted so I’m really excited for that. Just to brag the 3 main things I want now is 1. my cam software¬†¬† I’ve raised $1500 out of $3,000 ¬†and still saving in my paypal account so I can soon cam on my own website and get 100% profit to me lol so just $1500 more then I can have my own webcamming. ¬†My number 2. is¬†Christian Louboutin Biancas $845 a girl needs her pretty feet in some high end expensive heels. Last but not least my $1,000¬†Louis Vuitton bag. Now these goals shall be completed and bought by September all tributes can be sent here using CCbill, Niteflirt, and Paypal let’s get these gifts and make it easier for Mistress Janelle.

Of course I have photos for you to drool over and worship. Be lucky you get to see this curvylicious body for free so enjoy fuckers as I tease you it’s what I do best.

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