Have Fun Alone Or With Someone Using EdenFantasy Toys

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EdenFantasys took on my offer for some products I wanted to review for you guys and let you know that you can have fun alone or with a partner using these products below. Now the products below I reviewed with a boy toy of mine and boy did we have some fun hehe. These toys can be used for  yourself or couples and you can have fun alone or with partner spicing things up with these type of toys only if your open minded about it if not then go ahead and have fun with it alone lol.

Lelo Tor  II – Orig. $118.99 but on sale for $83.29
Can be used for him, and couples

Quick Description: The Tor II is the world’s first waterproof and rechargeable couples’ ring. More vibrations worn by a man when making love, the smooth silicone design comfortably fits all sizes bringing a long-lasting presence to him and good sensation for her as well. The waterproof design also features easy to use control interface and 6 stimulation modes, always delivering the most thrilling sensations in the bed room play.

Packaging & Cleaning Maintenance: Most of the Lelo products boxes have been discreet and good size for storage. Without the box the Tor II comes with black drawstring satin pouch for storage, Multi language user manual, a charger cord for the product, one full year warranty , and sample size of Lelo personal moisturizer. Rechargeable battery up to 2 hours and 2 hours of pleasure. Without charging it does have a 90 day standby power. For care instructions use any product that cleans any silicone product for maximum hygiene and extend of product life. Once toy has been fully cleaned/dried you can store this product in the satin pouch and store away. Available in colors black, green, and purple.

Long term/Value: I would have to say it’s a reasonable price with the manufacturing quality is guaranteed by a one year Lelo Warranty. A rechargeable battery makes it well worth it not having to go out and replace batteries every time you want to have fun. Long term and performance can last a enjoyable long time if you take good care of it.

Our experience: Tor felt really good when I was on top or when he was on top leveling the speed at 2-3 out of 6 vibrations it had. I did get my orgasm on his cock so did he with a good vibration on his balls/shaft. He did say he wished there more elastic on the cock ring so he could wrap the cock ring around his balls & cock because since his balls were so big it wouldn’t go around as whole cock & balls only around the cock. We had a good 30 minutes of sexual play and the vibration did last throughout our play so that was a plus no dying out or cock ring slipping everything stayed in place and hitting the good spots we needed.
Pros: Fun for men, Used for couples, Rechargeable, Discreet, Nice vibrations.
Cons: More stretchy elastic so it can fit the balls & dick together.

Lelo – Orig. $116.99 but on Sale for $81.89
Can be used for her, him and couples.

Quick Description: The Billy is a great prostate massager by Lelo. Also this toy works well with females g-spot. Billy’s vibrator has no less than 7 power settings and 5 patterns and it’s rechargeable. Designed for comfort Billy is easy to insert and comfortable to use. Not only is Billy a man’s toy, it is also great for the ladies. Billy is an effective g-spot or clitoral vibrator. Since Billy is made from silicone, he is safe to share with your partner. Billy truly is three toys in one.

Packaging & Cleaning Maintenance: Most of the Lelo products boxes have been discreet and good size for storage. Without the box the Lelo’s Billy comes with black drawstring satin pouch for storage, Multi language user manual, a charger cord for the product, one full year warranty , and sample size of Lelo personal moisturizer. This can be easily stored with the pouch itself or with the black box.

Long term/Value: This product could last very long if you take good care of it. Billy is up to date with Li Ion battery so no need to keep buying batteries this is a rechargeable toy. Billy lets you know when it is time to recharge by emitting a red glow, instead of white, when the control dial is pushed. It is fully recharged in about 2 hours and it is best not to let it charge for more than 24 hours. It may last as long as 4 hours on a full charge. For the value I think it could be a bit pricey but with the features it makes up for it solo or couple’s play.

My experience: Billy is a great pleasure object. Not only does it massage the g-spot & clit but also works great on men’s prostate. Billy is more for men  but that hasn’t stopped me from trembling rubbing it against my clit and getting a good orgasm out of this baby. Billy has made me feel good and vibrates to the good extent I need. I tried this toy also on my boy toy and well it hit his p-spot real good having him orgasm in 10 minutes YES 10 MINUTES LOL! I very much enjoyed Billy and so did my boy toy so this could be great as a solo fun toy or a couples toy.

Pros: used on couples, solo play, rechargeable, different vibrations.
Cons: Splash friendly but not waterproof 🙁

Seno Beaded Crystal Pussy – $25.99
Only used for him

Quick Description: When you feel thrusting your cock into something, try out the new Senso Beaded Crystal Pussy by California Exotic. This exquisitely designed masturbator is made out of new Senso plus material that is aimed to provide you with the most realistic sensations during the play. It’s shaped like a real vagina but also has some special features that will tease and caress your cock to the max. The shaft is ribbed in the interior, providing extra stimulation and also features a line of beads that are to tease your cock’s most sensitive areas. On top of that, the material is clear and transparent so you will be able to see all the maneuvers inside. Enjoy!

Packaging & Cleaning Maintenance: No detail instructions on how to clean and care for this item. All you get is your beaded crystal pussy and sample water based lube. Inside the pussy pocket comes with 5 beads for pleasure that can be removed or left there for more good feeling. These beads can be removed from the pussy pocket for easy cleaning the product and place back in once dry.

Long term/Value: If this item isn’t wrapped with a plastic bag and not stored right it could catch hair or lint. It is easy to clean inside and out. Very soft and stretchy could last some time. I think the price is reasonable. The length of the pussy pocket is 5inches so you could only please up to 5 inches from head to shaft so if your bigger you might want something taking it all. It did make top 50 best pocket pussies.

His experience: I came really good fucking this pussy to Janelle’s name. I used a good amount of lube and it wasn’t loud stroking it sound is a factor for me to be discreet and have fun alone and that’s exactly what i got a good nut without any sound of stroking. This toy was very good to clean. The length of the pussy pocket is 5 inches so you could only please up to 5 inches from head to shaft so if your bigger you might want something taking it all so this pussy might not be for you. Don’t get me wrong it does do the justice feeling the pleasure beads massaging your cock and it massages the cock really good not to loose not to tight just right to give it nice good strokes. I will be doing this toy again.

All 3 items were really good and pleased us both alone or as couple fun thing. The best out of the 3 products I would recommend personally would be the Lelo’s Billy. Not only is this universal but this could be pleasurable to women, men, and couples only if the men are open minded if not let the girls handle this g-spot massager lol. The price is reasonable, it gives good g-spot or prostate massager with 5 different stimulation vibrations. Be sure to check this toy and many others at EdenFantasys.com

Pic of the day

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Topless. Bronzed. Blonde


2 Slaves

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Today has been a good day I drained 2 slaves at the same time something I was new to. I knew I was going to make bank lovely on a sick Monday afternoon. As I’m a hard worker fighting my bad cold trying to get better I said what the heck 2 slaves wanting me at the same time why not take both slave’s cash and have them both worship me on cam. It wasn’t easy giving them both my attention so I let them wank and listen to my seductive voice while I sat and looked sexy latina goddess I am. I had a good time with these boys hopefully I get better soon so I can have more slaves to dominate LIVE on cam.

Above is Arab sissy who decided to jerk off in his girlfriends blue panties sending me a good $400 like a good boy should when making a sexy goddess like myself happy.

Slave Thomas

This is Thomas of course that was his weak dead cock looked like playing with it listening to my voice and big tits sending me a good $200.

Now they were in competition to win my heart over by sending me more money but Arab seemed to win like always beating many slaves when it comes to winning my heart over with cash sorry Thomas you was close but hopefully we will pratice and get you there more next time don’t worry this is just the beginning of worshipping a REAL LATINA DOMME. Thanks boys I had fun!

Sexy Friday

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Just took some sexy photos from my phone Mistress Janelle will be LIVE on cam tonight so catch me if you can guys.

What I’ve been up to

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I am going to keep it short and simple as so much has been going on these past 2 months. I know I haven’t been blogging or adding content on my solo site but as many of you know I’ve been branding and trying to make my business bigger and better myself into becoming not just a pro mistress but also a business women with my grind on solo things. Those of you know I started my own cam site called janelleswhorehouse.com if not go check it out that’s where you can see me LIVE on cam with many features etc. that’s been my focus of things these past month and surely it’s not easy doing it alone. I am doing this all alone just for my experience and don’t want to deal with jerks trying to play me over though in the long run I will be needing a team so I can handle things more smoothly. I just wanted to experiment to see what it was like to have my own little cam boutique for couple months before I try to make things big just testing out the stuff and so far so good.

I went to Miami this New Years weekend with Mistress Dakota and boy did we have a good time not only men buying us drinks but taking us shopping as well the good life lol. We only stayed for 1 week and it went by so fast can’t believe I am back in cold MA ;( . I will be back to posting photos and blogging as well next week adding new content into my members area on my site from my trip in Miami. I hope all of you are good and want to worship me this year by checking me out on my cam site as well becoming a member onto my site. So I’m leaving you with some photos to worship while I’m getting things back together long legs, 6 inch heels, big hair don’t care.