What I’ve been up to

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I am going to keep it short and simple as so much has been going on these past 2 months. I know I haven’t been blogging or adding content on my solo site but as many of you know I’ve been branding and trying to make my business bigger and better myself into becoming not just a pro mistress but also a business women with my grind on solo things. Those of you know I started my own cam site called janelleswhorehouse.com if not go check it out that’s where you can see me LIVE on cam with many features etc. that’s been my focus of things these past month and surely it’s not easy doing it alone. I am doing this all alone just for my experience and don’t want to deal with jerks trying to play me over though in the long run I will be needing a team so I can handle things more smoothly. I just wanted to experiment to see what it was like to have my own little cam boutique for couple months before I try to make things big just testing out the stuff and so far so good.

I went to Miami this New Years weekend with Mistress Dakota and boy did we have a good time not only men buying us drinks but taking us shopping as well the good life lol. We only stayed for 1 week and it went by so fast can’t believe I am back in cold MA ;( . I will be back to posting photos and blogging as well next week adding new content into my members area on my site from my trip in Miami. I hope all of you are good and want to worship me this year by checking me out on my cam site as well becoming a member onto my site. So I’m leaving you with some photos to worship while I’m getting things back together long legs, 6 inch heels, big hair don’t care.

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