Surgery Update

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I am going to do a short documentary of how I felt when I did surgery within the 7 days I had surgery. This wasn’t easy to express and say it but I thought I’d talk about it to help someone else in weather they want to get it or not. Always make sure do your research before choosing the right doctor I went to him because allot of people I knew went to him and the price was very reasonable. Check out his work and what he does and more at

Day 1. This is the night before surgery where I get these weird feelings about myself and where I panic try not to think about it but damn how can you not when there so much going in your mind like what’s gonna happen how bad is the needle because you know me guys I am afraid of needles. I started to panic a little before midnight so I felt like I going through the flu symptoms where my body couldn’t handle my mind because I was so freaked out this was scary to me. I was thinking to myself I’ve done this before in march 2007 but just guess it has  so long just like how this was gonna affect me. I ate good, I prayed, and I even slept good the night before just was very nervous as hell.

Day 2. Today is surgery day I arrived at 9am like the nurse told me to without drinking any water or eating after midnight I was so weak it was very hard not to drink or eat after midnight because I just love me some late night snacks hehe. My supporter cousin was with me in the room where the anesthesiologist gave me my i.v. to settle in my body and give me energy before going under the knife before he gave me the needle I have a needle phobia so kinda had to hold my cousin hand for him to do this it was so quick I barely felt it. I gained my confidence and was back to myself, while my i.v. was in my settling in. The doc stopped by to make final touches on what he wanted to do with my breast, and nose. Yup I decided if I’m gonna go under do it all at once so not only did I do my boobs but I also did my  nose to. When it was time for anesthesiologist to give me the anestia I was out when he said ok I put the liquid in. 2hrs. later after my nose and breast I woke up in the recovery room high as hell and was fine later that day. The night time came since I had no pain on  my breast I was happy but when my nose was stuffed with packing and had to wait 24hrs to have that removed was no joke. I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t sleep, I felt like crap with this packing on my nose. I only slept like 1hr out of day 2 it was horrible nose job wasn’t easy within the first 24hrs.

Day 3. Today I got my packing removed out of my nose which is like cotton in your nastrals and it was twitchy discomfort feeling getting it removed but I knew once this shit comes off I can have a full rest of sleep and breathe. That’s exactly what happend I was so tired from being  up all night for this packing to be removed  I didn’t care if I broke night or not I just wanted it out so I can sleep and so that’s what happend. The doc told me that day as well getting my packing removed from my nose that I was 750cc saline over filled to 900cc which sounds allot but I am basically 36DDD and really love it matches and looks great on my body. I slept after the appointment so isnt much to say here.

Day 4 & 5. I started taking my pain meds as prescribed because I felt very swollen and sore and wanted to get better asap. Now I was in no pain at all so i was walking around the house fine drinking lots of water having vitamins and just resting. I am happy to say now that it has been 5 days I am experiencing no bruising, no pain, nothing just soreness which is good I guess doing things right you recover fast. My nose is starting to look more smaller which I love because I’ve been insecure about my nose since people said it was big and I’m glad Dr. Alexander made it perfect no more noses it looks perfect. My breast is something I can get used to they are 36DDD but look just right on my thick curvy body.

Day 6. Since bandages got to be removed from my nose/breast I can be normal again and go to stores and shop for bras and get to feel more confident. Though I can’t lift heavy things up still and still swollen I am still able to do things. I see barely no scars, bruises, or had any pain thank god and hope to get better sooner than I expected. I also spoiled myself with some sexy florida dresses because I am so ready for my new look this upcoming summer.  I am able to sleep my reg. 6-8 hrs eat whatever and feel good. Today is a good feeling and I am happy and fell free.

Day 7. Home sweet home. Back to Boston from Florida though I didn’t want to leave but I was getting alittle home sick from being without friends and playing my ps3 which I’m ready to play some Dead Island woohoo. I feel way better than I did the first 2 days but in time things will get better and can’t wait to be see the final results from my nose and breast in 6 months.

I also  posted some photos of the surgery. Be ready in 4 months to see new HD content of videos, and photos of my new look I think I will lay low for now and have you drooling and begging to see the new me till next time guys you can do anything you want to if you set your mind to it this is just the beginning of my journey.

My new breast implants wil2


Quick Info
Dr. Timothy Alexander
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Saline implant over the muscle
750cc implant overfilled to 900cc
Incision 1/4 cut through the nipple
I am 5”8
Breast Size: 36DD/border 36DDD

Bye bye tits!

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That’s right say goodbye to my 36D tits because mistress is going bigger. Bigger is better right? I’ve been saving and been wanting this for a long time but I was to scared to do anything because I had a needle phobia. Needle phobia is not easy to accomplish within a few moments or days this took years for me to be finally confident to do this and get this over with. When I want something I go for it and get it done and I feel now it’s the time to accomplish this. I will be bed healing during my birthday April 21  so I hope to have get well and birthday gifts during my process of healing in Florida. This is my wishlist where to spoil me and send me get well things

Why go bigger you ask? I’ve always wanted to be busty and perfect with my curvy body to me I like to be like a video girl with some nice big tits with nice hips and ass to match so I want to accomplish that look since I already have the natural big latina ass lol. Don’t get me wrong I love my size 36D tits but I just had them for 6yrs. and it’s time for a bigger look to portrait my body more since I am tall/curvy.

I am 5”8 36D 550cc saline implant over the muscle and going  800cc saline and really excited for this size I guess I will be the next JWoWW lol. I am still nervous for this big procedure as it has been since 6yrs. since I’ve been around IV and I fucking HATE NEEDLES but I am going to fight these fear as soon as you know it I am knocked out before my ass can panic lmao. I will be doing new content for my site once my tits heal in about 1 month so bare with me as mistress gets better. But here is a photo of my 36D’s and can’t wait for the big doubles by my birthday. R.I.P.  boobies.

Picture 1284