I Am Ok

Posted by | Posted in News & Updates, Photos | Posted on 20-05-2013

Just wanted to give you guys a quick update on my one month surgery from nose & boobs everything seems to be looking wonderful. As some may know it’s all in our minds sometimes but in my crazy head I will be going bigger on my breast because they just not the desired size I want so I will be going bigger in March 2014. I will leave that story/subject for another time but I am doing good busty in my tops and my nose came out perfecto just the way I wanted it to thank you Dr. A. lol. Mistress hasn’t been doing cam shows or phone sex but I promise to take some this week but boys have some extra tips mistress wants to shop and be spoiled dammit stop being so cheap …. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!! I want my good slaves to show me how bad they miss me and wished they weak cocks were in between my tits and you know that always comes with a high price so show me your true loyalty bitch.

Big Boobs Red Cherry Lashes #43