That’s right SPEND ArabBitch!

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My gondu Arab bitch just sent goddess $400 for me to watch him play with this average dick yuck. I wasn’t thinking about his cock all I was thinking about what I was going to get shopping at LOL. He was pre cumming so much and jerking so fast starring my big tits and my curvy body. I didn’t even give any nudity or nipples and he cummed so much within 4minutes listening to my seductive voice demanding him to “jerk harder” & “Cum on mistress tits bitch!”. See bitches I don’t need to brag it shows it all here I’m spoiled and I get what I want it’s my way and I love it.

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 1.46.36 AM Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 1.52.13 AM


I need more money cash pigs like this one who’s next?!!? Stare at my photos this should give you some motivation WIMP!

Picture_571 Picture_577

Weekend Not Over!!

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I’ve been out and about with my girlfriends getting hella drunk and having hookahs making all the old men that like us pay for it all. After this weekend I’m so gonna need a deep massage Monday morning that’s for sure. I will be doing NiteFlirt so if you want to worship me on cam you know where to find me bitch. This is my look for tonight blazer, bra, and pencil skirt with my Nicki Minaj captain hat hot right? I know drool starring at my photos well off to party for my 3rd round let’s get it.

Sexy Captain Mistress

Halloween Weekend

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I had partied so damn hard from Thursday – Saturday that when Sunday came I couldn’t get out of bed for shit lol. I put this costume to damn good use shit a slave bought it for $50 why not rock it the fuck out since we only get to wear it few times a year. I had a good time with girlfriends had men buy us hookah, drinks, and vip section like spoiled princesses do. The weekend went by really quick though but some good memorable moments I won’t forget for Halloween 2013 lol. I will be doing some member content for my website soon I know I been slacking but don’t worry bitch you will have some stuff to drool over soon 😉


Bunny costume

Femme in a sexy heart lingerie set

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A humble girl that loves to be worshiped. Standing pristine at 5’7, springy at 115lbs, and with ample goodies north and south of the equator. She can give you plenty to look at and even more to talk about. A bit feisty, and a bit cheeky, She thoroughly appreciate a good spanking…or giving one for that matter. Throw in some quirky conversation and she’s all yours. Drop me a line…SHE DOES bite.

FemmeFetish2 FemmeFetish1

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