What a good day

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2 of my great slaves spoiled me today and really excited for these things I wanted. My first slave bought me 2 tickets for me and a family member to see Danity Kane live in concert on May 30th and you guys know I love my twin/idol Aubrey O’ Day. I am really excited to meet them in person and watch them live performing. I guess it was a early birthday gift to me because my slaves love making goddess happy thank you piggy joe 😉

Danity Kane Concert

piggy Arab… well I had him horny all night. I made him send me a $250 sephora giftcard to buy some beauty products because I do love makeup and especially high end brands duh. After he paid for the giftcard he thought he would get a show right then and there nope I went to bed and he waited 8hrs until I woke up to tell me he was stil horny and jerking I said wow I really must’ve been on his mind crazy loser haha. I gave him his quickie show dominated/teased him a bit then signed off and went to Sephora.

Sephora Giftcard

Today was a good day and hopefully more comes in since my birthday is April 21 only 25 days left so start sending in those tributes or gifts my way k thanks.

New Gucci Shades

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Spring is coming decided to treat myself to some Gucci Aviators you can get these babies at Nordstroms at