Beware Of The Fakes! Frauds & Scammers!

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At this point I don’t even care what these bitches do with my photos/videos. Use my photos, catfish people with them, and maybe even rob them by using my photos but I will tell you this IT’S NOT ME AND I CONFIRMED THIS PLENTY OF TIMES!!!! If you boys/girls or whatever are using my photos to do whatever you’re doing at least bitch use my website or my phonesex and bring me in some money since your using MY IMAGES to fool these men it’s only fair right?  But I’ll tell you this that bitch won’t dare to do that because she to busy using my shit to make money off my brand fucking low life smh never fails. Here is proof that my photos are being scammed/fake beware NO I DON’T HAVE KIK, POF, BADOO, BLENDER NONE OF THAT SHIT and I DON’T ESCORT, MEET, OR PROSTITUTE  I’m a phone sex operator/mistress cam model ONLY! If you know me then my only sites I am on ONLY is if you see me somewhere else then you know you are being scammed they are taking my fansigns and photoshopping them with bullshit/lies beware in losing your money trying to meet because I DON’T meet and you will be played/catfish goodluck and please report all FAKES thanks.

This person is not the only one who is using my photos I know there is allot of others where this came from but from the source the person who is photoshopping my fansigns, and photos trying to be me is really a transvestite WOW I’m flattered not only do I have real bitches who use my photos but now I have sissy dudes using my photos this is what I deal with all the time lmao this person seems like a client to me in my opinion. Let me take that back not only is she like  a client but OBSESSED, CRAZED FAN he even took a photo with my name on it and is blonde like damn you really want to be me huh. The loser scammer goes by the name Carmella, Sophia Marie, Delcampo, Gizel, or whatever the scammer goes by beware.  Check out the photos of this person because if your into transvestites beware and be careful he might scam you for a paypal payment or greendot moneypak and will not meet you. He always on Badoo, KIK, POF, Instagram, Backpage, Craigslist which is NONE of the social places I am on. So go ahead wannabe loser keep using my photos everyone knows who you are now weirdo and you will be stopped creep and this goes for all other bitches and fags who want to use my photos I will find you and you will be stopped scamming using my photos worthless pieces of shit. This is the TRUTH and FACTS your just OBSESSED but you can never be a beautiful goddess like myself remember I’m not conceited I just know I am that bitch you want to be. Deep down inside just deal with your ugliness someone will love you for you who are weirdo and remember get a life stalker because you will never be on my level of a mistress life toodles scammer. You’ve been caught and MANY MORE others will be to once I find them thanks loyal slaves letting me know about this creep. All they do is sit at home doing nothing figuring out ways to use my videos and photos to scam men for money. Use your own photos to do that not mine and I never done nothing to this person for them to attack or stalk me like this I guess they really want to be me but one thing don’t do that I noticed is you bite your nails allot because you are nervous on getting caught and chew on your toe nails and that’s just disgusting you got issues.

And you can now see the video confirming that this person is a fraud/fake/wannabe/fan/stalker just leave me the fuck alone and stop trying to live the goddess life I live but if I was you I would want to use my photos to hahaha fucking loser check out this video below.

goddess sophia
Carmella Delcampo
Sophia Marie
TS Carmella
TS Jessica
ts lina
ts sophia
ts carmella
ts xosophia

She will ask for google wallet, snapcash, paypal, moneypak green dot card, walgreens prepaid cards, kik, fake magic jack, fake google voice, fake talkatone, don’t be fooled this is NOT ME!

I am not on kik messenger or textnow, magicjack, vanilla reload on none of those fraud attempting places guys come on get it together don’t BE FOOLED BY THIS SCAMMER/FRAUD

yoursexygoddess -fake
Backpage ad – fake

DISCLAIMER – I HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE THIS POST AND THIS POST WILL REMAIN UNTIL THIS PERSON HAS BEEN SERVED FOR JUSTICE USING FRAUD, IDENDITIY THEFT, AND SCAMMING PEOPLE WITH MY IMAGES MAKING FALSE ESCORTING ADVERTISEMENT. I did tell this person to stop, leave me alone, and stop using my images and he hasn’t so I have the right to expose this person putting me in harms way scamming men for money. I am not BASHING, HATING, CYBER BULLERING this is THE TRUTH and you shall be served with justice YOU FRAUD STOP USING MY IMAGES!! I own the rights to my photos, my website, and this person using my photos/videos to do there scams using google wallet, snapcash, vemno, square cash, paypal, green dot moneypak, vanilla reload. There is also 5 witnesses to back me on this person/scammer if they would like to bring it to court I’m ready just say when. Thank you everyone who has read this disclaimer/blog and let people know so you won’t be fooled by this person using my images thank you.