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This is one hot babe you just can’t resist! Danni is one hot webcam girl on Camwithher who has hot body with nice 34D’s. She is also a really good friend of mine and who knows maybe one day we might do a show together on her own site. I am also featured on her site so be sure to check out my photos her hot photos on her site. Here are some photos of the sexy busty babe Danni-Gee be sure to check her out!

www.danni-gee.com (Official Website)
http://cams.camwithher.com/model/MissDanniGee+HD (Danni on CWH)

My b-day week

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I hope everyone has a good Easter and also a good weekend. My 24th birthday April 21 was fun had a good time spending with my friend Gizelle in NYC. Although we didn’t take enough photos but we sure did spend allot of time in our b-day suits. I did get allot of gifts from my Amazon Wishlist so i thank everyone who gotten me a gift it was the thought that counts. I will be doing some camming so be sure to catch me live OHC. Also over the week staying over Gizelle’s house i did a hot photoset in sexy blue fishnets and corset so be sure to check that out when it launches next week. Well my b-day weekend isn’t over yet it’s just getting started. I’m off to party with my girls but check out sexy Gizelle and i spending my b-day nakie hehe.