I Love My Foreign Bitchboys!

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No slave can say no to me when I’m ready to dominate in fishnets/pvc. I had my Arab bitchboy weak and loved the way I teased his pathetic cock and had him edging listening to my seductive sweet voice. My dirty talking had his pink head extra sore and had his $250 within 10 minutes I could’ve made him cum quicker but I kept fucking with him by showing off my best assets without getting nude ahh yes the goddess life. People think I’m always showing nipps but it’s not always about that for domination cam shows you have to be in control and sweet talk and tease the fuck outta them having them on their knees wanking. I enjoyed my little show today with this lovely tribute hopefully more come out and spend big like this one keep them coming fuckers!

Spoiled in leather

Happy 2015 Fuckers!

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I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and great new year for 2015. I hope to meet more great minions to worship goddess and more money slaves to keep following me at my feet like the rest of my cashpig slaves are doing. I had a good 2014 now I want to make 2015 a GREAT ONE! Make it happen boys,  you’ll know why you keep coming back to me…..you can’t resist me I’m just to perfect.

Happy New Years From Janelle

December Minions Spoil Me good For Our Last 2014!

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That’s right I got scatfag who sent goddess $150 to worship me live on cam like a good pig. I took some photos of him getting high and turned him into a sissy fag wearing stockings & bra on. His name is Alex but we call him scatfag because he loves to eat his own caca like a nasty fuck he is I know his breath def smells like shit LMAO! Ha this is what you wanted bitchboy here you go I got your cash and I’m enjoying it shopping.


Then I left my Arab minion fag with a hard on because his wife came home so he ended up jerking off to porn since he couldn’t get off to me ha how does it feel because I got my $300 amazon nd I’m already shopping for my december goodies woohoo you been wallet fucked arab minion. I had him doing the funniest shit pinching his nipples and fingering his ass obeying what mistress tells him to do good boy Arab loser. This is what I want to see this month is more tributes and obeying spend your fucking cash on a true latina mistress no need to brag look at it all the gifts/cash is coming my way and I LOVE IT solo bad bitch mistress status get to it bitches.

Beware Of The Fakes! Frauds & Scammers!

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At this point I don’t even care what these bitches do with my photos/videos. Use my photos, catfish people with them, and maybe even rob them by using my photos but I will tell you this IT’S NOT ME AND I CONFIRMED THIS PLENTY OF TIMES!!!! If you boys/girls or whatever are using my photos to do whatever you’re doing at least bitch use my website www.ilovejanelle.com or my phonesex www.niteflirt.com/ilovejanelle and bring me in some money since your using MY IMAGES to fool these men it’s only fair right?  But I’ll tell you this that bitch won’t dare to do that because she to busy using my shit to make money off my brand fucking low life smh never fails. Here is proof that my photos are being scammed/fake beware NO I DON’T HAVE KIK, POF, BADOO, BLENDER NONE OF THAT SHIT and I DON’T ESCORT, MEET, OR PROSTITUTE  I’m a phone sex operator/mistress cam model ONLY! If you know me then my only sites I am on ONLY is http://itsmyurls.com/ilovejanelle if you see me somewhere else then you know you are being scammed they are taking my fansigns and photoshopping them with bullshit/lies beware in losing your money trying to meet because I DON’T meet and you will be played/catfish goodluck and please report all FAKES thanks.

This person is not the only one who is using my photos I know there is allot of others where this came from but from the source the person who is photoshopping my fansigns, and photos trying to be me is really a transvestite WOW I’m flattered not only do I have real bitches who use my photos but now I have sissy dudes using my photos this is what I deal with all the time lmao this person seems like a client to me in my opinion. Let me take that back not only is she like  a client but OBSESSED, CRAZED FAN he even took a photo with my name on it and is blonde like damn you really want to be me huh. The loser scammer goes by the name Carmella, Sophia Marie, Delcampo, Gizel, or whatever the scammer goes by beware.  Check out the photos of this person because if your into transvestites beware and be careful he might scam you for a paypal payment or greendot moneypak and will not meet you. He always on Badoo, KIK, POF, Instagram, Backpage, Craigslist which is NONE of the social places I am on. So go ahead wannabe loser keep using my photos everyone knows who you are now weirdo and you will be stopped creep and this goes for all other bitches and fags who want to use my photos I will find you and you will be stopped scamming using my photos worthless pieces of shit. This is the TRUTH and FACTS your just OBSESSED but you can never be a beautiful goddess like myself remember I’m not conceited I just know I am that bitch you want to be. Deep down inside just deal with your ugliness someone will love you for you who are weirdo and remember get a life stalker because you will never be on my level of a mistress life toodles scammer. You’ve been caught and MANY MORE others will be to once I find them thanks loyal slaves letting me know about this creep. All they do is sit at home doing nothing figuring out ways to use my videos and photos to scam men for money. Use your own photos to do that not mine and I never done nothing to this person for them to attack or stalk me like this I guess they really want to be me but one thing don’t do that I noticed is you bite your nails allot because you are nervous on getting caught and chew on your toe nails and that’s just disgusting you got issues.

And you can now see the video confirming that this person is a fraud/fake/wannabe/fan/stalker just leave me the fuck alone and stop trying to live the goddess life I live but if I was you I would want to use my photos to hahaha fucking loser check out this video below.

goddess sophia
Carmella Delcampo
Sophia Marie
TS Carmella
TS Jessica
ts lina
ts sophia
ts carmella
ts xosophia

She will ask for google wallet, snapcash, paypal, moneypak green dot card, walgreens prepaid cards, kik, fake magic jack, fake google voice, fake talkatone, don’t be fooled this is NOT ME!

I am not on kik messenger or textnow, magicjack, vanilla reload on none of those fraud attempting places guys come on get it together don’t BE FOOLED BY THIS SCAMMER/FRAUD


https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSuBZo3afE4qnQbgcptUVvA -fake
Backpage ad – fake

DISCLAIMER – I HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE THIS POST AND THIS POST WILL REMAIN UNTIL THIS PERSON HAS BEEN SERVED FOR JUSTICE USING FRAUD, IDENDITIY THEFT, AND SCAMMING PEOPLE WITH MY IMAGES MAKING FALSE ESCORTING ADVERTISEMENT. I did tell this person to stop, leave me alone, and stop using my images and he hasn’t so I have the right to expose this person putting me in harms way scamming men for money. I am not BASHING, HATING, CYBER BULLERING this is THE TRUTH and you shall be served with justice YOU FRAUD STOP USING MY IMAGES!! I own the rights to my photos, my website, and this person using my photos/videos to do there scams using google wallet, snapcash, vemno, square cash, paypal, green dot moneypak, vanilla reload. There is also 5 witnesses to back me on this person/scammer if they would like to bring it to court I’m ready just say when. Thank you everyone who has read this disclaimer/blog and let people know so you won’t be fooled by this person using my images thank you.

September Goodies

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See this is what I call REAL Financial Domination fellas take notes bitches. I don’t know how some mistresses play their “role” as a findom but I play no games I don’t beg, I don’t ask, JUST GIVE OK and that’s how it should be done. If I tell you to buy me something you will provide and give me what I want and desire and as a mistress you must obey and do as she commands you got it fag. I’m IN CHARGE and do what the fuck I WANT and this time I got it HAHA. Thanks to my loyal minions I got a wonderful $250 giftcard to go shopping with and got a early graduation gift for makeup school. The best but last part DUUUDE I just got a $2500 Dell XPS 15 laptop now that’s some true worship to the puerto rican princess FUCK YEAH! Good job minions for a early September keep it coming. I definitely want to do more humiliation, dominate, and be spoiled rotten this September so let’s make it happen boys!

More August Spoiling

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I know that’s right and goddess can’t say no to men when they buy me gifts off my amazon wishlist I just love surprises and things I love, I want, I GET! I have my drunken Russell this week locked in chasity so no jerking, no cumming, just leaving him with blue balls as he watches me in sexy leather outfits showing off my curvy body while I drain his account on NiteFlirt giving me a total of $350 good boy Russ.


250 Tribute

Thanks to my Arab bitchboy who took the time to wank in his car at 7am in a public parking lot because he was to horny and wanted to jerk to my tits and know what that means, If you want to cum for goddess and worship goddess on cam you gotta give me things that will catch my attention and he surely did thanks loser. This jerk off pervert bought me not only a Playstation4 console but also XboxOne console which totals of $1k to watch him cum within 5 minutes I love the easiest camshow just to sit and look pretty and do nothing now thats THE TRUE fetish of FINANCIAL DOMINATION and SPOILING take notes bitches. I also had loser rich no one important buy me the hd logitech webcam and clarasonic no one cares you won’t get a story out of me with this lol.

August Spoiling Begins!

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It’s a new month and goddess is already being spoiled I love it keep it coming my naughty minions. Today slave Mike from Canada jerked off listening to my seductive voice and starred at my big juicy 36DD’s and had cumming less than 30minutes. I love when my boys don’t have to make me do much but sit, talk dirty, and look pretty now that’s how a domination show should really be take notes cheap boys asking for more shame on you lol. I took a snapshot of him playing with his cock starring at my big juggs and enjoyed the $150 amazon giftcard he spoiled me with good job Mike.

Then I had a bitchboy get me this sexy shiny dress off my amazon wishlist which I simply adore thanks fag for getting me this hopefully more slaves will buy me more outfits to wear and take teaser photos for you to drool over.

POTD: Wetlook Dress

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My outfit for today is my wetlook dress here is some photos to drool over.


Upcoming Photoshoot

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I had a amazing day taking photos for 5hrs. in lingerie, leather, and something goddess elegance feel. I took some candids for you to preview while we wait for the professional photos to come in 3 weeks I’m dying to see what the edits look like and I cannot wait the new me has fought hard to be where I am today. For those of you who know I had my gallbladder surgery removed about a month ago I am feeling better but not myself still discomfort but doc says it could take 1-2 1/2 months so don’t worry I’m ok and I’m a fighter I will get through and glad I am back to myself kinda lol. Now in these candids and new photos get used to my look I am no longer the thick curvy goddess you used to know I never lie or bullshit about my height and weight but before I was 5”8 200lbs which didn’t make me look fat I was just over weight but not since my gallbladder attack/removed and of course eating healthy I am now 5”8 160lbs. I am happy with my new look and damn 40lbs lost within 2 months is good though I do wish I could have a sloppy greasy fat food but that’s where it got me to getting my gallbladder removed good thing I am healthy and actually feel allot better. Ok enough about that gallbladder shit new photos, new look, and the baddest bitch is back in 3 weeks here is some candid photos to drool and worship while I am also gone this vacation to Miami July 1 – 18th I will still be doing cam shows & phone sex don’t worry but there will be more candids while I’m tanning in South Beach.

Thanks Arab Loser

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I know when I want something I get it and I knew just who to get it from my Arab pig bitch boy. I told him I wanted the lovely BeatsPill XL and what he do without saying no or thinking he went over and sent me a giftcard for it how simply and easy princess gets what she wants. I just got the pill today and simply love it this thing is fucking loud and can’t wait to use this fucker in Miami next week sitting by the pool looking fab. How does it feel Arab bitch looking at these photos I took of you think I wasn’t but I did I hope your girlfriend looks at how much of a fag you are sticking toothbrushes up your ass and also knowing she wants this beats and I simply got it HAAA to bad it’s mine now and I’m going to enjoy it off to listen to Jennifer Lopez with my Beatpill ta ta.

BeatPill XL Arab Loser