POTD: Wetlook Dress

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My outfit for today is my wetlook dress here is some photos to drool over.


48hrs of Dominating

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In 48hrs I must say I am impressed I almost made 1k doing what I do best dominating you boys till your drained down to the lint of your pockets lol yes feels so good. I know you guys missed me so much since being away for 4 months due to health issues of my gallbladder surgery etc. but I am back and feeling good than ever plus with a new hot body being 5”8 160lbs losing over  35lbs can we say latina hot body now for the summer I know right hahah. Anyway in today’s domination I had my France slave spend over $300 just to give him a 30 second countdown of cumming though his connection was bad we still managed to make his small cock cum he was happy to see my DD’s after being such a long time since we Skyped. Then my hypno Joey couldn’t say no to my tits to send a tribute and I had him cumming so good to my dirty talk, moans, and big bouncy tits fuck I love having you men worship and let me drain you good fuck yeah!


Feels so good to be back to draining you weak bitch boys like this fool below here lol. I had him listening to rave music sniffing poppers like the pig loves to get wasted what a fool. He then took lipstick and wrote homo, pig, drawings of dick on his body because he did exactly what I told him to do like the submission weak pig he was for goddess. He will be back soon after he wakes up he fell asleep from being so high sniffing poppers and fucking his ass with a wine bottle this show was to fucking funny I know you guys must think it’s crazy but I love a loser who pays really good amount for a goddess like myself to watch him act a high junky fool lol.

Nasty Pig

Pic of the day 12-6-13

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Body Shot

Body Shots POTD

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Body Shots

Sold My Tuesday Thongs

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I had a good slave today purchase my worn string thongs for $200. I made sure this thong was worn all day so he can smell all the moistness of my day scent including a hint of my favorite Gucci Guilty perfume. I hope you enjoy those worn panties Luis. I know they are well worth it from me being sexy in them although I do miss them fuck it I got $200 I’ll spoil myself with some MAC Cosmetics hehe.

If you would like to own a pair of my juicy panties then make your payment on my TRIBUTE PAGE and e-mail me at: Janelle@ilovejanelle.com

Fishnet Dress

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Being sexy in my fishnet dress. I love teasing and bouncing my big juicy puerto rican ass.

RubberDoll – Bare Bottom Latex Perversion

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Corsets, Stockings, Heels … What more could you ask for?
Rubber is very kinky, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be classy too. RubberDoll proves that point in this photo series by wearing a gorgeous outfit that will have your tongue on the floor. Sheer stockings, a tuxedo-style corset, high heels, and tassled pasties combine for an elegant, yet naughty, look.


Fiery Redhead 3some

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This video sample was so good to me makes me want to see the full version lol.

Black Hair & Stockings

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Sometimes it’s good to change ya look around and try different hair colors thank goodness for wigs lol. In this hot photoset i am a jet black hair latina with some sexy thigh high stockings oh did i meantion topless and just thongs only oh so yummy. I love teasing so here are some previews from this set and you can view the rest of this hot set in the members area.

Bored Sunday

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Hey everyone it’s been awhile since i posted on my blog. I hope everyone is having a good 4th of July weekend. I didn’t do  much over my weekend but just did some camming. I took some photos just now of me since i had nothing else better to do bored hehe. I haven’t been taking pics or doing my blog just been slacking/lazy what’s new? LMAO! Tonight is the second ep. of TrueBlood which i got to see early on HBO on the internet and it was so fucking good i cannot wait for ep. 3, TrueBlood has me hooked! Well i will be online for alittle be sure to stop by and say hi or give me something fun to do hehe kisses.