September Goodies

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See this is what I call REAL Financial Domination fellas take notes bitches. I don’t know how some mistresses play their “role” as a findom but I play no games I don’t beg, I don’t ask, JUST GIVE OK and that’s how it should be done. If I tell you to buy me something you will provide and give me what I want and desire and as a mistress you must obey and do as she commands you got it fag. I’m IN CHARGE and do what the fuck I WANT and this time I got it HAHA. Thanks to my loyal minions I got a wonderful $250 giftcard to go shopping with and got a early graduation gift for makeup school. The best but last part DUUUDE I just got a $2500 Dell XPS 15 laptop now that’s some true worship to the puerto rican princess FUCK YEAH! Good job minions for a early September keep it coming. I definitely want to do more humiliation, dominate, and be spoiled rotten this September so let’s make it happen boys!

More August Spoiling

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I know that’s right and goddess can’t say no to men when they buy me gifts off my amazon wishlist I just love surprises and things I love, I want, I GET! I have my drunken Russell this week locked in chasity so no jerking, no cumming, just leaving him with blue balls as he watches me in sexy leather outfits showing off my curvy body while I drain his account on NiteFlirt giving me a total¬†of $350 good boy Russ.


250 Tribute

Thanks to my Arab bitchboy who took the time to wank in his car at 7am in a public parking lot because he was to horny and wanted to jerk to my tits and know what that means, If you want to cum for goddess and worship goddess on cam you gotta give me things that will catch my attention and he surely did thanks loser. This jerk off pervert bought me not only a Playstation4 console but also XboxOne console which totals of $1k to watch him cum within 5 minutes I love the easiest camshow just to sit and look pretty and do nothing now thats THE TRUE fetish of FINANCIAL DOMINATION and SPOILING take notes bitches. I also had loser rich no one important buy me the hd logitech webcam and clarasonic no one cares you won’t get a story out of me with this lol.

Birthday Goodies

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I wanted to thank everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday on april 21 and also spoiled me for my birthday it’s the thought that counts so whatever you got me I’m thankful for it boys. Sorry it took so long for me to blog about this and post photos but lately I haven’t been feeling well but I am back in action ready to drain you all and be worshipped some more.


Thank you Foot lover Steve. He knows I love wedges and how I can go for days walking in them without them hurting my feet lol. He got these lovely wedges from ShoeDazzle I guess they do have some nice shoes if he got me these from their site. The brand name is Sophia & Lee if you do come across these you should get them you will love em nice bday gift thanks Stevie ūüėČ

AmericanDream CostumeRebecca Minkoff MAB Bag

Thank you Mr. LJ you been spoiling goddess for a few years now and you never let me down you know how to make me smile and know my taste in style. What you think about my American Dream costume ? Hot right? OF COURSE! I love to dress up if you guys know me personally I love play different characters lol. Ugh you just had to put the cherry on top by giving me this lovely neon blue Rebecca Minkoff MAB bag simple ADORE IT! Which is great thing you got me this present because I can now use it with my new Louis Vuitton Cosmetic pouch I got myself to put in my bag woohoo perfect for Spring/Summer.

Nars Makeup

Thanks Wimpykid for spending $200 on Nars Cosmetics for me a goddess like myself loves luxury makeup and this brand is DEF. GREAT QUALITY HANDS DOWN good birthday gift.



Last but not least a gift to myself a Louis Vuitton Cosmetic pouch for my everyday bag. If a girl has a luxury bag then there has to be some luxury items inside and simply love this piece completed my everyday essentials.


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A list is provided for you boys to surprise me with gifts off my wishlist or giftcards anything to make me happy for my birthday April 21. I always thank whoever is loyal to me and gets me anything it’s the thought that counts so get me whatever that is below. No excuses put a smile on my face.

Bloomingdales – Giftcard to
OR my Bloomingdales Wishlist

Neiman Marcus – Giftcard to

Nordstrom – Giftcard to

Amazon – Giftcard to
Amazon Wishlist


EdenFantasys/EdenCafe Giveaway ends in 5 days!

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Doesn’t hurt to try right? Easy entries to getting free prizes you know I love free gifts. Only 3 lucky winners will win these good prizes I hope I am one of them. Check out the link below for details the more you promote the better chances of becoming a winner with your entries GOOD LUCK!


Click Below to enter and more details on the giveaway.

Getting Spoiled ROCKS!!

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Just last week I had a good man let me mind fuck him really good making him dizzy and high like never before. He was so high he kept twitching and falling¬†clumsy¬†off his computer chair shit was hilarious. I would never think that I could mind fuck him that well to get $1,000.00 in Amazon Giftcards, SHIT…. I ENJOYED IT! This definitely was my 1st cam show to make $1,000 in 4hrs. and hopefully I get more in the future like that. I decided to get a ipad and Jimmy Choo high heels because you know me I love my high end products and if it’s hot then I’m on it.

Also to brag and show off someone that I don’t know bought me a Dior Lipstick & Snooki Tanning Bronzer which I love surprises THANK YOU BITCH. Feels good to have people get you things and come at your¬†unexpectedly. I also posted some photos of my gifts because a mistress bitch has to show off. Keep it coming boys i want more off my Amazon Wishlist.


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As my plans for my birthday was suppose to be a week vacation with friends & fam. they decided to have me ditch that for another time and go with their surprise they are giving me which is making me excited and happy about to have people you care do things like that and i thank you all dearly you know who are. I am going to be the big 25 gosh i been a camwhore for to long lmao when is there going to be ¬†a “REAL WEALTHY MAN” to swipe me off my feet and take me out of business and live happily every after?? Hmmm only in my dreams hey never know he might do it one day reading this lol.

Enough about that I think mistress needs some birthday surprise gifts from my Amazon Wishlist. It’s the thought that counts so it doesn’t have to be something big as long as it’s on my list and you get it bitch it makes me smile hehe. If your to cheap to buy me a gift or scared your wife might seen you buy me a gift from your statement hahahah then you could always send me cash or ¬†a tribute on my TRIBUTE PAGE. Can’t wait to see what you bitches get me gifts, cash, tributes and so much more remember anything makes me happy you know i’m happy mistress and i get what the fuck.

Thanks for the get well gifts

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Thanks to my bitches who spoiled me while i was sick for 1 week. I am still feeling like shit but i am taking my meds and getting well rested. I will be doing phone sex and camming once i get better hopefully by the end of this week. I just wanted to thank my slaves for these gifts off my wishlist and there will be more coming my way. I cannot wait to get them thanks so much fuckers have a good week!

Thank you FootSlave!

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Sorry I haven’t been around over the last week just had leg surgery from infection called Cellulitus so i couldn’t walk and the pain so bad ewwwwie. Enough about that I am fine and finally getting better woohoo! During my rest and in extreme pain in bed I been receiving so much gifts from my slave off my wishlist. Thank you so much for these gifts and the more that I am getting this week now that’s a TRUE SLAVE FUCK YEAH!! I love being spoiled and will be having new photos in these hot stuff I received so be on the lookout for that. Tonight is ep. 3 of TrueBlood I cannot wait to see what happens to Jason Stackhouse. Thank you thank you THANK YOU FOOT SLAVE for all these gifts I am going to put these stuff in use this week so stay tuned new photos oh YEAH!

My b-day week

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I hope everyone has a good Easter and also a good weekend. My 24th birthday April 21 was fun had a good time spending with my friend Gizelle in NYC. Although we didn’t take enough photos but we sure did spend allot of time in our b-day suits. I did get allot¬†of¬†gifts from my Amazon Wishlist so i thank everyone who gotten me a gift it was the thought that counts.¬†I will be doing some camming so be sure to catch me live OHC. Also over the week staying over Gizelle’s house i did a hot photoset in sexy blue fishnets and corset so be sure to check that out when it launches next week. Well my b-day weekend isn’t over yet it’s just getting started. I’m off to party with my girls but check out sexy Gizelle and i spending my b-day nakie hehe.