Christmas Starting Early!

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That’s right another xmas gift sent early to goddess. Thanks piggy I own you and you know it. You wanted to cum in 5 minutes starring at my big tits as I humiliated you and you got as you wished you lucky I didn’t leave you with blue balls when your Ipad died because I was ready to sign off Skype but glad you enjoyed bitch because I enjoyed this now off to shop on Amazon.


That’s right SPEND ArabBitch!

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My gondu Arab bitch just sent goddess $400 for me to watch him play with this average dick yuck. I wasn’t thinking about his cock all I was thinking about what I was going to get shopping at LOL. He was pre cumming so much and jerking so fast starring my big tits and my curvy body. I didn’t even give any nudity or nipples and he cummed so much within 4minutes listening to my seductive voice demanding him to “jerk harder” & “Cum on mistress tits bitch!”. See bitches I don’t need to brag it shows it all here I’m spoiled and I get what I want it’s my way and I love it.

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 1.46.36 AM Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 1.52.13 AM


I need more money cash pigs like this one who’s next?!!? Stare at my photos this should give you some motivation WIMP!

Picture_571 Picture_577

Monday Boobs

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Been awhile since I teased you with my big juicy tits. You can’t resist them can you? I love being on your mind, I love when my big tits takes full control of you making you want to worship and spend it all on my hot sexy self. You need to be more frequent on my TRIBUTE page spoiling your goddess more and more because I’m the only bitch who owns you and my tits have the power.

Sexy Fansign

BigTits Boobs

Mistress is Available for LIVE Phone Sex!

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I am verified on each phone sex site I am listing below so the listing you are calling is really me no fakes no bullshit just your busty blonde mistress. I am available when you need me in USA or INTERNATIONAL just check out the links below you know you want to worship and get off with the best mistress call me I’ll be waiting.

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Pic of the day

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Topless. Bronzed. Blonde