29 Days Left for my Vegas Trip!

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For those of you who know i planned a surprise Vegas trip for my best friend Dakota. While making it a birthday surprise for her i decided sure why not let’s make it a 1 week vacation for us as well. I am so excited for this trip so i cannot wait to party hard out there woohoo! I will keep you posted with videos/photos on my adventures in Vegas. We will be on cam live so be sure to check us out during Dec. 29 – Jan.4. There will also be some hot domme photos & videos in the members area so be sure to JOIN NOW to see these hot photos once they are released during our vacation trip. Here is a photo of us from last year in miami showing our asses to a slave in a cam show he sure did worship it hehe. Can you handle on what’s to come with Ebony & Latina?? I don’t think so LOL.

ALSO TO MY SLAVES/SUGARDADDIES!! Don’t forget it’s holiday month so get your damn spending to it. I need my good little janelle lovers to get me some x-mas gifts and vegas outfits off my amazon wishlist. Don’t worry baby you have enough time to do that just make sure it’s done by Dec. 20. I better be seeing some good surprises under my christmas tree. Get in that spirit, work overtime, think about me, and SPOIL ME TONS BITCH!

Top 8 Sexy CamGirls

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Other than myself hehe i been watching these hot cam girls for awhile now and man are they hot. These 8 hot girls to me are the best good camgirls there is in 2011. There names/websites are on there photo so google them, see more of them, and of course worship them lol. You got blondes, brunettes, and busty variety of these hot babes so check them out. These are my hot top 8 i’m sure you will enjoy them as much as i do on their websites, OnHerCam, CamWithHer, and MyFreeCams.

Play Time

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I will be online trying out my new toy someone got off my wishlist. Show me some love on OHC!

Bored Sunday

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Hey everyone it’s been awhile since i posted on my blog. I hope everyone is having a good 4th of July weekend. I didn’t do  much over my weekend but just did some camming. I took some photos just now of me since i had nothing else better to do bored hehe. I haven’t been taking pics or doing my blog just been slacking/lazy what’s new? LMAO! Tonight is the second ep. of TrueBlood which i got to see early on HBO on the internet and it was so fucking good i cannot wait for ep. 3, TrueBlood has me hooked! Well i will be online for alittle be sure to stop by and say hi or give me something fun to do hehe kisses.

Heels, Nails & Feet

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Due to many slaves/foot worshippers wanting to see my nails and feet on CAM, I decided to make a zipset for you guys to worship over. Now this zipset is only for you slaves who adore heels, feet, and nails, But this can be for you lovers who just keep all my photos to cum to as a Janelle Collection lol. Here is a preview of my footsies from my zipset to be sure to check out more zipsets avail. at OnHerCam.

ALSO SPECIAL THANKS TO BOMBIK! Thanks for getting me this music cd off myAmazon WishList. I haven’t listened to all the songs but Marsha Ambrosius has talent and i love her unique soulful music. Here is a photo of me holding the gift you got me and as usual look at my boobies hehe.

Stripper Blue Dress

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I hope everyone is having a good week. This past weekend i took some photos for you guys to check out on PlayPen, OHC, and CWH FanClub. I got this sexy stripper dress that i want to show off to you guys and get naughty. In this photoset i show off my  sexy cuvy latina body and get naked. Here is a preview of what’s in my photoset be sure to check out these hot photos!

Lips & Boobs

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This week has been sucky because of all the day & night rain here in the east coast. It’s 1am just feel like teasing you guys in what i am wearing right now. I will be doing some camming for another hour or so catch me if you can at CWH/OHC. This weekend i am going to be staying home the clubs here in my area kinda got boring seeing the same faces and just the same bullshit that goes on for me every weekend so i am going to give that alittle break. You know where to find me guys i will be in my tank & panties waiting for you let’s have some fun hehe.

New week

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The weekend is over and i had a good time enjoying it. It’s a new week so i decided to take some photos for you guys. I have no panties on with this tube dress just to be a tease hehe. I will be doing some phone fun at Niteflirt & Camming on CWH/OHC so come have some fun me with me. I will be posting more questions/answers about me so you can get to know alittle more about me. I just don’t want to be known as the “camgirl” or “the model” i want you guys to love me as if i was your real friend/mistress/lover whatever instead of being some cyber chick. I hope you guys have a good week kisses.