Pic of the day 12-6-13

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Body Shot

Halloween Weekend

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I had partied so damn hard from Thursday – Saturday that when Sunday came I couldn’t get out of bed for shit lol. I put this costume to damn good use shit a slave bought it for $50 why not rock it the fuck out since we only get to wear it few times a year. I had a good time with girlfriends had men buy us hookah, drinks, and vip section like spoiled princesses do. The weekend went by really quick though but some good memorable moments I won’t forget for Halloween 2013 lol. I will be doing some member content for my website soon I know I been slacking but don’t worry bitch you will have some stuff to drool over soon ūüėČ


Bunny costume

xoGisele Teasing on Webcam

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This is Giseles ONLY official website on the net and she is personally involved in every aspect. Everything from shooting the content to direct contact with members via webcam shows, blog and forum. Gisele is a busty blonde with a very large following on the internet and we expect this internet starlet to continue adding to her fan base with this new website. New exclusive content will be added each week so members will always be getting fresh new content of Gisele. There is no doubt XoGisele will convert so get your links up today.


Photo Sets Available in Zip Format!


LV & Catsuit

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Just got spoiled today by one of my good slaves loving my new LV cosmetic bag. This sexy catsuit is from Tomsuit¬†and it’s looking really good on me might have to get them in all different colors. They to tend to run small being that they are made from China so be sure to get a bigger size. Just wanted to tease my new stuff I got for you to drool at enjoy bitch.

Worship Catsuit


PiggySwine is Back

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He sent a good paypal tribute like a good slave should go broke and make me happy. I’m looking sexy dark and deviant and his bitch ass all smelly, high, and bloody gross weak starring at my big tits and lips. Feels good to drain you scatbitch hopefully more will come this week I want to shop more already dammit.


New Leather Dress

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Been doing cam shows in this new leather outfit today and all the slaves is loving it¬†guess it’s time for you to buy me more leather outfits¬†off ¬†my wishlist. I’m thinking of doing a photoset in this for my members area what you think ??

boobe leathere

I Am Ok

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Just wanted to give you guys a quick update on my one month surgery from nose & boobs everything seems to be looking wonderful. As some may know it’s all in our minds sometimes but in my crazy head I will be going bigger on my breast because they just not the desired size I want so I will be going bigger in March 2014. I will leave that story/subject for another time but I am doing good busty in my tops and my nose came out perfecto just the way I wanted it to thank you Dr. A. lol. Mistress hasn’t been doing cam shows or phone sex but I promise to take some this week but boys have some extra tips mistress wants to shop and be spoiled dammit stop being so cheap …. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!! I want my good slaves to show me how bad they miss me and wished they weak cocks were in between my tits and you know that always comes with a high price so show me your true loyalty bitch.

Big Boobs Red Cherry Lashes #43

Bye bye tits!

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That’s right say goodbye to my 36D tits because mistress is going bigger. Bigger is better right? I’ve been saving and been wanting this for a long time but I was to scared to do anything because I had a needle¬†phobia. Needle phobia is not easy to accomplish within a few moments or days this took years for me to be finally confident to do this and get this over with. When I want something I go for it and get it done and I feel now it’s the time to accomplish this. I will be bed healing during my birthday April 21¬†¬†so I hope to have get well and birthday gifts during my process of healing in Florida. This is my wishlist where to spoil me and send me get well things¬†http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/3KY2NN6NGZ96S.

Why go bigger you ask? I’ve always wanted to be busty and perfect with my curvy body to me I like to be like a video girl with some nice big tits with nice hips and ass to match so I want to accomplish that look since I already have the natural big latina ass lol. Don’t get me wrong I love my size 36D tits but I just had them for 6yrs. and it’s time for a bigger look to portrait my body more since I am tall/curvy.

I am 5”8 36D 550cc saline implant over the muscle and going ¬†800cc saline and really excited for this size I guess I will be the next JWoWW lol. I am still nervous for this big procedure as it has been since 6yrs. since I’ve been around IV and I fucking HATE NEEDLES but I am going to fight these fear as soon as you know it I am knocked out before my ass can panic lmao. I will be doing new content for my site once my tits heal in about 1 month so bare with me as mistress gets better. But here is a photo of my 36D’s and can’t wait for the big doubles by my birthday. R.I.P. ¬†boobies.

Picture 1284

Tuesday Ipod Pics

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It’s a rainy Tuesday afternoon I decided to do my makeup and get pretty for some slaves and do some cam shows on Skype. ¬†Since it’s a slow Tuesday decided to take some photos on my new ipod I got from Amazon and I’m loving it. I’ve haven’t posted in so long thought I show off my busty juggs and pretty face to make you want to worship this goddess again you know you miss me. The rain is pouring hard here in MA so I am staying in tonight so if you want some NiteFlirt phone fun or Cam you know where to find me bitches off to dominate some sluts on Skype.

Ipod pic 1 image (12) image (13)

Loving Michael Kors

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Citrus (yellow) Hamilton Studded Tote – $448

Sloan Studded Shoulder Flap – $298

These items are¬†affordable and really nice colors for upcoming Spring for 2013. Don’t mind the cash I am off to deposit this to the bank just have to throw it in my new bag hehe.