$100 Tribute From ScatSwine Alex

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Wow it has been a long time since goddess has been updating and blogging. Haven’t had time lately been to busy venturing off to more other projects and keeping quite busy you know me I’m here for some time then off to a better thing always on my hustle never sitting around doing nothing which I should though because I am a spoiled princess lol. Today I have my sissy swine sniff his poppers for me and bashed his head with a high heel making himself look like a fool he wanted to be. I enjoyed myself for the 20 minutes of our session as he sniffed poppers, got forced intox, and beat himself like a fool poor you loser Alex how does it feel? GREAT you deserve it insane fuck lol. I got my $100 off to do some shopping till next time cheers having a great turned up Friday.

Alex Pig

I Love My Foreign Bitchboys!

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No slave can say no to me when I’m ready to dominate in fishnets/pvc. I had my Arab bitchboy weak and loved the way I teased his pathetic cock and had him edging listening to my seductive sweet voice. My dirty talking had his pink head extra sore and had his $250 within 10 minutes I could’ve made him cum quicker but I kept fucking with him by showing off my best assets without getting nude ahh yes the goddess life. People think I’m always showing nipps but it’s not always about that for domination cam shows you have to be in control and sweet talk and tease the fuck outta them having them on their knees wanking. I enjoyed my little show today with this lovely tribute hopefully more come out and spend big like this one keep them coming fuckers!

Spoiled in leather

December Minions Spoil Me good For Our Last 2014!

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That’s right I got scatfag who sent goddess $150 to worship me live on cam like a good pig. I took some photos of him getting high and turned him into a sissy fag wearing stockings & bra on. His name is Alex but we call him scatfag because he loves to eat his own caca like a nasty fuck he is I know his breath def smells like shit LMAO! Ha this is what you wanted bitchboy here you go I got your cash and I’m enjoying it shopping.


Then I left my Arab minion fag with a hard on because his wife came home so he ended up jerking off to porn since he couldn’t get off to me ha how does it feel because I got my $300 amazon nd I’m already shopping for my december goodies woohoo you been wallet fucked arab minion. I had him doing the funniest shit pinching his nipples and fingering his ass obeying what mistress tells him to do good boy Arab loser. This is what I want to see this month is more tributes and obeying spend your fucking cash on a true latina mistress no need to brag look at it all the gifts/cash is coming my way and I LOVE IT solo bad bitch mistress status get to it bitches.

More August Spoiling

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I know that’s right and goddess can’t say no to men when they buy me gifts off my amazon wishlist I just love surprises and things I love, I want, I GET! I have my drunken Russell this week locked in chasity so no jerking, no cumming, just leaving him with blue balls as he watches me in sexy leather outfits showing off my curvy body while I drain his account on NiteFlirt giving me a total of $350 good boy Russ.


250 Tribute

Thanks to my Arab bitchboy who took the time to wank in his car at 7am in a public parking lot because he was to horny and wanted to jerk to my tits and know what that means, If you want to cum for goddess and worship goddess on cam you gotta give me things that will catch my attention and he surely did thanks loser. This jerk off pervert bought me not only a Playstation4 console but also XboxOne console which totals of $1k to watch him cum within 5 minutes I love the easiest camshow just to sit and look pretty and do nothing now thats THE TRUE fetish of FINANCIAL DOMINATION and SPOILING take notes bitches. I also had loser rich no one important buy me the hd logitech webcam and clarasonic no one cares you won’t get a story out of me with this lol.

August Spoiling Begins!

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It’s a new month and goddess is already being spoiled I love it keep it coming my naughty minions. Today slave Mike from Canada jerked off listening to my seductive voice and starred at my big juicy 36DD’s and had cumming less than 30minutes. I love when my boys don’t have to make me do much but sit, talk dirty, and look pretty now that’s how a domination show should really be take notes cheap boys asking for more shame on you lol. I took a snapshot of him playing with his cock starring at my big juggs and enjoyed the $150 amazon giftcard he spoiled me with good job Mike.

Then I had a bitchboy get me this sexy shiny dress off my amazon wishlist which I simply adore thanks fag for getting me this hopefully more slaves will buy me more outfits to wear and take teaser photos for you to drool over.

Thanks Arab Loser

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I know when I want something I get it and I knew just who to get it from my Arab pig bitch boy. I told him I wanted the lovely BeatsPill XL and what he do without saying no or thinking he went over and sent me a giftcard for it how simply and easy princess gets what she wants. I just got the pill today and simply love it this thing is fucking loud and can’t wait to use this fucker in Miami next week sitting by the pool looking fab. How does it feel Arab bitch looking at these photos I took of you think I wasn’t but I did I hope your girlfriend looks at how much of a fag you are sticking toothbrushes up your ass and also knowing she wants this beats and I simply got it HAAA to bad it’s mine now and I’m going to enjoy it off to listen to Jennifer Lopez with my Beatpill ta ta.

BeatPill XL Arab Loser

48hrs of Dominating

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In 48hrs I must say I am impressed I almost made 1k doing what I do best dominating you boys till your drained down to the lint of your pockets lol yes feels so good. I know you guys missed me so much since being away for 4 months due to health issues of my gallbladder surgery etc. but I am back and feeling good than ever plus with a new hot body being 5”8 160lbs losing over  35lbs can we say latina hot body now for the summer I know right hahah. Anyway in today’s domination I had my France slave spend over $300 just to give him a 30 second countdown of cumming though his connection was bad we still managed to make his small cock cum he was happy to see my DD’s after being such a long time since we Skyped. Then my hypno Joey couldn’t say no to my tits to send a tribute and I had him cumming so good to my dirty talk, moans, and big bouncy tits fuck I love having you men worship and let me drain you good fuck yeah!


Feels so good to be back to draining you weak bitch boys like this fool below here lol. I had him listening to rave music sniffing poppers like the pig loves to get wasted what a fool. He then took lipstick and wrote homo, pig, drawings of dick on his body because he did exactly what I told him to do like the submission weak pig he was for goddess. He will be back soon after he wakes up he fell asleep from being so high sniffing poppers and fucking his ass with a wine bottle this show was to fucking funny I know you guys must think it’s crazy but I love a loser who pays really good amount for a goddess like myself to watch him act a high junky fool lol.

Nasty Pig


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A list is provided for you boys to surprise me with gifts off my wishlist or giftcards anything to make me happy for my birthday April 21. I always thank whoever is loyal to me and gets me anything it’s the thought that counts so get me whatever that is below. No excuses put a smile on my face.

Bloomingdales – Giftcard to janellecwh@yahoo.com
OR my Bloomingdales Wishlist

Neiman Marcus – Giftcard to janellecwh@yahoo.com

Nordstrom – Giftcard to janellecwh@yahoo.com

Amazon – Giftcard to janellecwh@yahoo.com
Amazon Wishlist


What a good day

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2 of my great slaves spoiled me today and really excited for these things I wanted. My first slave bought me 2 tickets for me and a family member to see Danity Kane live in concert on May 30th and you guys know I love my twin/idol Aubrey O’ Day. I am really excited to meet them in person and watch them live performing. I guess it was a early birthday gift to me because my slaves love making goddess happy thank you piggy joe 😉

Danity Kane Concert

piggy Arab… well I had him horny all night. I made him send me a $250 sephora giftcard to buy some beauty products because I do love makeup and especially high end brands duh. After he paid for the giftcard he thought he would get a show right then and there nope I went to bed and he waited 8hrs until I woke up to tell me he was stil horny and jerking I said wow I really must’ve been on his mind crazy loser haha. I gave him his quickie show dominated/teased him a bit then signed off and went to Sephora.

Sephora Giftcard

Today was a good day and hopefully more comes in since my birthday is April 21 only 25 days left so start sending in those tributes or gifts my way k thanks.

Vacation in Toronto, Canada

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Dec. 26 Dakota and I arrived in Toronto Canada at the airport around 4pm est. that airport had me so annoyed. That place was freaking huge then I was asking people where I needed to go to get car rental service so I can be outta there and be on my way to start my vacation. Took us one full hour to finally get out and get to car service everyone we kept asking that worked there kept giving us run arounds ugh it was so draining/annoying. Glad we got that over with and arrived at the beautiful 2 bedroom condo we rented and it was beautiful. Very modern and stylish just like a goddess should live in with STYLE LOL! After we got settled in Dakota and I decided to explore the town sight seeing and checking out the area brrr it was so damn cold -6 degrees ekkk.


Sunday Dec. 29 Dakota and I decided to head to http://www.artisanspa.ca/. This spa was amazing we spent 3hrs.getting a full body massage, facial, and something really nice and new to me a henna. This is what we needed to prepare for our new year’s party out here in Canada. Then the rest of the day we just shopped around downtown Toronto.

Got Spoiled BDH

Tues. Dec. 31/Wed. Jan 1st. Dakota and I decided to go on a party bus and check out 3 clubs that was included in our new year’s party bus package. We went to clubs Tryst, GravitySoundBar, and Fiction. Towards the end of the night the last club we went to was Fiction. We had such amazing blast there we said fuck it why not buy 2 bottles of Moet champagne to celebrate our New Year’s in Toronto and our good success dominating tons of slaves together CHEERS! We made the money back from our slave persian Hani so he basically paid for our great time so we wasn’t complaining. There was so many sexy persians & egyptians giving me their numbers but I didn’t have time for that I was being bratty I was making every one of them buy me drinks and it felt good. So many girls were jealous because I noticed in all 3 clubs there wasn’t many girls showing no cleavage my saying is this “If you bought them, flaunt em” so you know I wasn’t shy but the girls was like “omg her tits almost busting out” or “omg her tits are so big” I love it give me all the ATTENTION! I had no shame busting these babies out of my latex dress that’s right I wore a latex dress for new year’s and boy did I get so wasted. Towards the end of my night is where I got pissed/annoyed. We waited 30 minutes outside -6 degrees so fucking cold in a dress trying to find a taxi.

Movie Night

January 3rd which was Friday didn’t do much but went to Cineplex Cinemas in downtown Toronto to go see Paranormal Activity 5. This movie wasn’t even scary at all I rated this movie a 2 star it was surely more comedy than horror. I had a good time exploring and going somewhere new trying a new cinema in another town so why not after that Dakota and I went ahead and had Subway and then came back to the Condo we stayed in and made the rest of the night a NetFlix night.

Morning Pic

January 6th came like my morning photo? Now that is something to drool over and wake up to huh?? Started my day doing some Financial Domination cam shows on Skype made quick $300 within 20 minutes that’s how I like it fast and easy. After doing cam shows I headed with Dakota to Thompson’s 24hr. Diner which we had breakfast which was really good there and just relaxed there for 1hr. gossipping and talking about our future goals for 2014 and shocked how the trip is almost coming to a end so fast that’s why we enjoyed our experiences no one will have and something I’m going to cherish for the rest of my life I thank you bitch boy slaves for making this happen for me and my girlfriend.

January 12th Arab bitch wanted to send me a tribute of $150 but I got him with my bratty ways and made him send me $250 woohoo! I love getting my way good boy piggy. I called my ex boyfriend on the phone while watching Arab piggy wank his cock to my pretty looks and made him stick his wife tooth brush up his ass which is what I always have him do what a FOOL! I had my ex-boyfriend call him all types of names on speaker phone which had little Arab piggy small dick real stiff. He came within 10 minutes of listening to my seductive voice and my ex humilating him while he was fucking that tooth brush his wife is going to use next morning, wonder if she could smell his smelly ass on it eww LMAO!

Tribute $250